On the evening of July 6, 2006, our precious pug “Peaches” suffered a massive stroke in her cerebellum (the area of the brain which controls
balance and movement). My husband and I had no idea what had happened to her. She just suddenly fell off the bed and was twisting in pain. We rushed her to Pet Emergency Clinic in Thousand Oaks. The doctor there thought she had vestibular disease. At one point during the night, she became unconscious.

We knew we had to transport her quickly to a critical care unit in West Los Angeles. I called Animal Ambulance of Southern California and spoke with Frank. Frank was professional and compassionate and a reassuring and calming voice throughout this frightening experience. We explained that we wanted to have Peaches transported before rush hour. He assured us that would not be a problem, and in fact that he would personally be the one to transport her. Peaches required oxygen for the trip.

The vet in Thousand Oaks said that she didn’t think Peaches would make it to the hospital. Frank stayed in touch with us during the entire trip, and that was very comforting. Peaches arrived at ASEC in West Los Angeles where the doctors there cared for her through the weekend. After the weekend, she was transferred to a third hospital, California Animal Hospital, to be under the care of a neurologist, Dr. Sammut. After an MRI, spinal tap, ultrasound and blood tests, Dr. Sammut gave us the final diagnosis and assured us that our “brave little girl” would surely recover – perhaps she would walk “sideways,” but she would recover, and that was good enough for us. My husband nursed her back to health with “Cheerio” therapy, throwing Cheerios around the house to force her to walk. First, she slithered like a lizard to get to the Cheerios; eventually she began to take some steps. After only a week, Dr. Sammut was very pleased with Peaches’ progress.

It has now been over a month since her stroke, and with our constant “Cheerio” therapy, Peaches is taking more steps every day, a little tilted,
a little crooked, a little sideways, but walking still the same.
We have our “little girl” back, thanks to the medical care given us, and for Frank, who brought our dog to the place that would give us hope.



Bear and I thank you so much for your help in a time of need. Bear is doing well, using his leg more each day. Please give our thanks to Gary and Dave as well, you’ve all been great and your courteous reliable services is greatly appreciated.

Thank you sincerely,

Kathleen Stewart, MD and Bear


Hopefully, this is a service you won’t need to use often, but it’s a blessing to know they’re there when you need them. Our 12 year old 115 pound lab boy had been getting worse and couldn’t get up anymore one night. He lost control of his back end and we knew it was time. On a good day, he was petrified of going to the vet, and the thought of trying to load him and take to the vet to have him put down when he was already afraid and in pain was unbearable for both of us.  I called Animal Ambulance and they were kind and understanding on the phone. They sent an excellent, kind and caring vet to our home. He gave our boy anti-anxiety meds first to keep him calm, and made sure we were done with our good byes and ready before he euthanized him. Our boy went quietly and calmly in our home instead of frightened and stressed in the vet’s office. When he was sure we were ready, he gently loaded our boy’s remains onto a gurney and took him away in the ambulance. Not only was the service exceptional, but they were the best price I found. Larger dogs require more medication so the fee is adjusted with the size of your pet.  They made the best of an awful situation and I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a pet who needs a little help getting to heaven.

Vicki M.


This place was amazing when my mom needed to have her 12 year old shar pei put down and she couldn’t be transported. My mom had been out of town for a week and a half when her dog’s condition severely deteriorated. When she came home (on her birthday no less), her dog was suffering and it was well past time to relieve her of her pain. It is extremely difficult to find someone in OC who will come to you to do it, will take the body and who is reasonably priced. One lady in Anaheim Hills wanted $445 just to do the procedure. These guys do it all for $399. Still more expensive then taking ur dog to the vet’s office, but way more reasonable than anyone else in the area who does it in home especially considering that it includes removal of the body afterwards. Also, just a side note, I called them at 6am. If I had known they were 24 hours, I would have called the night before. They said they would have someone there by 9 and I asked if they could come any sooner to please try. They went above and beyond with my request and someone was there at 7:30 am. Amazing. My mom said the vet who arrived was very caring and kind and that her dog went peacefully. I would not hesitate to use their services in the future with any of my other pets when and if it comes to that. Thank you Animal Ambulance for all the kindness you showed to our family during such a difficult time.

Misty E.


We were out of options when we were unable to move our 12 year old, 120 lb dog.  I called Animal Ambulance on Sunday and they were able to come out the same day.  Dr. Hernandez drove over an hour to get to our house to handled everything with great care.  It was a bit pricey, but I am extremely grateful to their services and personnel!

RvrWld Q.